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Troxler 3430 Surface Moisture-Density Gauge - Thiết bị đo độ ẩm - mật độ bề mặt

The Troxler Model 3430 gives you the fast, accurate, and consistent results you need to fulfill the testing requirements on today's construction projects. The Model 3430 provides the basic features required for determining the density of asphalt, soil, aggregate or concrete and the moisture of soil or aggregate. It and the other gauges in the 3400 series have replaced conventional density test methods and have become the industry standard.

The Model 3430 offers you a choice of backscatter or direct transmission for density measurement and backscatter for moisture measurement. The 3430 adheres to ASTM Standard Test Methods D-2922, D-3017, D-2950, C-1040 and AASHTO T-310. The gauge directly displays wet density, moisture, dry density, percent moisture, percent compaction, void ratio and percent voids in English or metric units.

Features & Benefits

The Model 3430 gives you these proven advantages for your next field testing project:

  • Minimum keystrokes
  • Easy to follow software
  • All data is easily accessible
  • Runs on rechargeable NiCad batteries or alkaline batteries
  • Keypad, software display, and user manual are available in Chinese, Spanish, French, German or English
  • Fifty years of Troxler experience and a twelve- month warranty give you the confidence you need in your field testing equipment
  • An extended warranty maintenance package is available

See more in 3430's manual..

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