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USM 35

Universal Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with bright color display protected according to IP 66

The Krautkramer USM 35X is versatile and lightweight to satisfy most test requirements.


Weld inspection
Flaw location with display of all coordinates, sound path, (reduced) surface distance, depth position and leg number

Display of every sound beam reflection (number of half skip dis -tances or legs) and identification of leg color  on the "live“ A-scan

New powerful DAC/TCG with JIS DAC module according to JIS Z 3060-2002

Additional DGS evaluation with direct digital ERS readout

Amplitude evaluation in dB referring to a previously recorded reference echo or according to  AWS D1.1

The optimum combination of innovation and proven performance

3 different time of flight measurements
Depending on the time of flight mode selected, the distances (measurement carats, red triangle) and amplitudes will be measured and displayed for the relevant shot. The measurement points are indicated by the color coded carats for each gate.

New DAC function:
Recording reference echos in DAC mode will be simplified by automatic gain adjustment. The echo to be re -corded will be set automatically at 80 % and stored. The new JIS-DAC meets the latest JIS Z3060-2002 specifications.

It's a tradition

Every worthwhile feature that has been of advantage to industry has been kept:
  For example the popular intuitive spin‘n‘ set operating concept working on the basis of the two rotary knobs that give an ”analog feeling”.
  The instrument gain and the required functions are always directly accessible. A lot of attention was paid to clarity when arranging functions and menus:
•  simple to use, quick to operate, from basic to challenging inspec -tion requirements.
•  from high frequency inspections for
thin materials up to low frequency for attenuative materials
•  from automotive, power gen, oil and gas to aerospace applications

Data reporting
An extended report / setting memory al -lows up to 800 data sets or reports to be saved. Each report can be documented with a memo field containing 9 dedi-cated areas with up the 24 characters
for inspection reports and settings. The report or setting can be printed directly via a RS-232 or up/downloaded to a computer using a RS-232 or USB (with USB-RS accessory).

USM 35X, USM 35X DAC and USM 35X S (including DAC and DGS)
All three versions may be additionally extended by the Data Logger option: this enables you to use the USM 35X for recording and documentation of 5,000 readings (sound path, amplitude, etc.) and 500 A-scans at the same time. Moreover, you have a third gate, a tolerance monitor and a minimum reading capture at your disposal.

A new design provides an improved environmental protection for everyday outdoor use.

What does IP 66 mean?
The IP level corresponds to the degree of protection provided by the housing according to the IEC 529: 1989. IP 66 means that the instrument is totally protected against dust (i.e. it is impossible for dust to penetrate inside the instrument).   It is also protected against water (i.e. heavy rain, sea spray and power -ful jets of water from any direction).

Harsh field and industrial environments
•  Extended temperature range from 0° to 60°C (-10°C on special request)
•  Weighs only 2.2 kg
•  Extended battery life to 14 hours under real test conditions Intuitive tools to help analysis
•  The Color-Leg function displays coded information on the leg in color about angle beam inspection.
•  2 new display carats (colorized triangles pointing to the measure-ment position for each gate).
•  One carat   pointing to the gate line indicates the time of flight mea -surement point for the considered gate.
•  The other carat  $  pointing up indi -cates the amplitude measurement point for the considered gate.

Fast and bright color screen
Color brings you many additional benefits in your daily inspection job:
•  Special highlight: patented color-coded display of legs for angle-beam inspection (e.g. welds).

•  Color display of monitor gates and curves (DAC, TCG, DGS) for direct recognition
•  Messages and alarms in red characters for increased attention
•  Use of color to display references (A-scan) to make comparisions easy

•  Colorized envelope curve display for echo dynamic analysis
•  Multicolor screen combinations for technician preferences and to select best suitable color scheme accord-ing to the working environment.
•  VGA output to connect the instru -ment to an external monitor or video projector

New readings
3 new additional readings can be displayed for measurements taken with gates.
Other benefits
We have also implemented innova-tions from the computer industry in the battery concept to make your daily work easier: the rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack enables you to carry out your   inspections for at least 14 hours. Charging is easily carried out internally within the in-strument over night just by connect-ing the power pack/battery charger to the USM 35X. You can also insert
6 normal C-cells should the battery pack be drained and if no A/C power outlet is available

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